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Meet the Hooligan brothers and their new found friend, Hoolie!


     A new series written and illustrated by the illustrator of the "Fablehaven "series, Brandon Dorman. These stories are all about what craziness can happen when the kids of a small town run across an intergalactic alien boyscout who will eat their clothes. Menaced by the school bully, Rock Rubenstein, and helped by a scientist who runs the local Gas-N-Go, the Hooligans help Hoolie to avoid capture by a group of WIENER DOGS and tame his elephant-sized appetite. 



    Book 1, Hoolie and the Hooligans: The Alien that at my Socks, will be published by Shadow Mountain Publishing and released on Sept 6th, 2016.


Watch Brandon draw for Hoolie and the Hooligans

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